advance freight транс. аванс фрахта advanced freight ускоренная транспортировка air freight груз, перевозимый авиатранспортом back freight обратный фрахт bulk freight массовый груз bulk freight навалочный груз bulk freight наливной груз bulk freight насыпной груз dead freight мертвый фрахт distance freight дистанционный фрахт distance freight фрахт, взимаемый за расстояние distance freight фрахт за расстояние fast freight срочный груз freight груз freight грузить freight грузовой freight наем судна для перевозки грузов freight перевозка грузов freight плата за провоз; фрахт freight плата за провоз freight товарный freight амер. товарный поезд freight фрахт, груз freight фрахт, стоимость перевозки freight фрахт freight фрахтовать freight фрахтовый freight attr. грузовой; товарный; freight carrier грузовой самолет; freight train амер. товарный поезд freight attr. грузовой; товарный; freight carrier грузовой самолет; freight train амер. товарный поезд freight in transit транзитный груз freight to collect фрахт подлежит оплате грузополучателем в порту назначения freight attr. грузовой; товарный; freight carrier грузовой самолет; freight train амер. товарный поезд train: freight freight товарный состав homeward freight доставка домой lump sum freight аккордный фрахт lump sum freight твердая сумма фрахта minimum freight минимальный фрахт outward freight груз, отправляемый за границу outward freight экспортный груз package freight сборный груз partial freight перевозка по частям pro rata freight дистанционный фрахт pro rata freight фрахт пропорционально пройденному пути rail freight перевозка грузов по железной дороге return freight обратный груз return freight обратный фрахт slow freight перевозка грузов малой скоростью through freight сквозной фрахт

English-Russian short dictionary. 2015.

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  • Freight — (fr[=a]t), a. Employed in the transportation of freight; having to do with freight; as, a freight car. [1913 Webster] {Freight agent}, a person employed by a transportation company to receive, forward, or deliver goods. {Freight car}. See under… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • freight — I noun article of commerce, cargo, carload, consignment, freightage, goods, lading, load, merchandise, onus, packages, pay load, shipment II index cargo, load, merchandise, send …   Law dictionary

  • Freight — (fr[=a]t), n. [F. fret, OHG. fr[=e]ht merit, reward. See {Fraught}, n.] 1. That with which anything is fraught or laden for transportation; lading; cargo, especially of a ship, or a car on a railroad, etc.; as, a freight of cotton; a full freight …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Freight — Freight, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Freighted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Freighting}.] [Cf. F. freter.] To load with goods, as a ship, or vehicle of any kind, for transporting them from one place to another; to furnish with freight; as, to freight a ship; to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • freight — [frāt] n. [ME freit, fraught < MDu vracht: see FRAUGHT] 1. a method or service for transporting goods, esp. bulky goods, by water, land, or air: freight is usually cheaper but slower than express 2. the cost for such transportation 3. the… …   English World dictionary

  • freight|er — «FRAY tuhr», noun. 1. any ship or aircraft that carries mainly freight: »He arrived…to investigate the take off crash of a Bristol freighter in which the crew of three had died (Maclean s). 2. a person who loads a ship. 3. a person whose… …   Useful english dictionary

  • freight — (izg. frȅjt) m DEFINICIJA pristojba koja se plaća za vožnju, za prijevoz; vozarina SINTAGMA freight collect (izg. freight kolȅkt) ekon. izraz koji upozorava da vozarina nije plaćena unaprijed ETIMOLOGIJA engl …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • freight — ► NOUN 1) transport of goods in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft. 2) goods transported by freight. ► VERB 1) transport by freight. 2) (be freighted with) be laden or burdened with. ORIGIN Dutch and Low German vrecht …   English terms dictionary

  • freight — early 13c., fraght, from M.Du. or M.L.G. vracht, vrecht, meaning originally cost of transport and probably from a lost Old Frisian word, from P.Gmc. *fra aihtiz absolute possession, property (Cf. O.H.G. freht earnings ), from *fra , intensive… …   Etymology dictionary

  • freight — n cargo, *load, burden, lading …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • freight — [n] goods being shipped bales, ballast, bulk, burden, carriage, consignment, contents, conveyance, encumbrance, fardel, haul, lading, load, merchandise, pack, packages, payload, shipment, shipping, tonnage, transportation, wares, weight; concept… …   New thesaurus

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